We create beautiful slideshows from your existing photos.


  1. How many photos can be included?
    You may give us as low as five photos or up to 50. Since the basis of the slideshow is the music, the more photos you give us, the faster the speed of the transition will become. We suggest about 20 – 30 photos for the video slideshow. 10 to 15 photos can be highlighted and slowed down during the slideshow.

  3. Can I include video clips?
    Yes, but it’s limited to about 5-10 seconds

  5. How long does it take to process the video slideshow?
    It will take a few minutes to one hour to generate the video file

  7. What format do you use to save the file?
    It is saved as HD 720p mp4 format. We can save it on a dvd or publish it on youtube upon your request.